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In May of 2010, our veterinarian Dr. Sinko and his wife, bought North County Animal Hospital in Jupiter. Dr. Sinko has extensive surgery training and excellent diagnostic skills. We practice with the highest standards of veterinary medicine. We love what we do and it shows! In addition, Dr. Sinko is the only concierge veterinarian in Jupiter.

North County Animal Hospital prides itself on providing personal care and attention. You will never feel lost in the shuffle at our animal hospital. You will always see the same veterinarian. You will never have to worry about giving your dog or cat’s medical history to a different doctor every time. Johnna Sinko, Dr. Sinko’s wife, also serves as head technician so she will always be a familiar face caring for your pet. We work as a small family and we believe that all of our patients and clients become an extension of that family.

Our Jupiter Veterinary Services

Pet Dental Care – Spay & NeuterAt Home Euthanasia – & More!

Our mission is to unconditionally commit and provide quality veterinary care to our patients and reliable and educational information to our clients.

Our goal is to be enthusiastic about what we do, to be compassionate to our four legged friends, to communicate with our clients in a clear and understanding manner and to provide the highest level of vet care.

Over Vaccinations?

Over vaccination has been in the news a lot lately.  Some information has been good and led to good discussions in the veterinary industry.  Some information has been completely lacking in scientific fact.  Vaccines are still your best defense against some very lethal diseases.

In dogs, because parvo and distemper have become rarer in the face of vaccination many people have become complacent in vaccinating their pets.  Don’t do this!  Parvo and distemper are both deadly diseases and still very much here.  Yes, we are still seeing cases.   Puppies should get a series of 3 vaccines.  We give a combination vaccine for distemper and parvo.  One shot for two diseases.  Following that they should get yearly or every 3 years depending on the vaccine given.

Kittens should be given a series of three feline distemper/calici combination vaccine.  Every 1 to 3 years after that. Read More

Who’s Actually Doing the Anesthetic Dental on Your Pet?

You might find this surprising but most veterinarians aren’t even in the room when your dog or cat gets a dental.  Most often a technician performs this on your pet while they are under anesthesia.  Your next question is probably “aren’t the doctors required to be there and do the procedure?”   The answer is no.  The veterinary industry as a whole lacks an entity that sets standards and enforces those standards.

Don’t panic!  If your cat or dog is a patient at North County Animal Hospital, Dr. Sinko will ALWAYS perform the induction, place the esophageal tube and do the entire dental cleaning and extractions if necessary!

Have more questions?  Visit our dental care page or call now to make a free dental consultation appointment.  Dr. Sinko will look at your pet’s teeth and gums and discuss treatment options with you.

Check out Dr. Laszlo Sinko on the News!

Veterinarian in Jupiter

Please Support All For One Pet Rescue

Our veterinarian provides FREE adoption exams and vaccinations for this wonderful non-profit organization. Click here to learn how you can make a difference in the life of a puppy or kitten in need.

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