canstockphoto17640705Euthanizing a pet is never easy. At North County Animal Hospital we recognize this and do things different. Your family will be placed in a quiet room. We will explain the process in full and allow you and your family as much time as you need before beginning the process. Some families choose to stay and some don’t. Either way, it is a very personal decision and we respect either.

All pets regardless of age or condition will be sedated. Dr. Sinko will give an analgesic injection that will make your pet very sleepy and most often completely asleep. Believe it or not, most patients at other clinics aren’t sedated prior to euthanasia. By sedating a patient their passing is much more peaceful.

If you prefer, Dr. Sinko can come to your home for euthanasia.

We offer cremation and your family can decide if you would like the remains returned to you.

If you have any questions about euthanasia please feel free to call our office at (561) 746-7496 and Dr. Sinko will be happy to discuss it with you.