Hello everyone,

Dental Month has been extended to March! 10% off non-anesthetic dentals (normally $210.50) for a savings of over $20.00. If you aren’t sure if your pet is a candidate just give us a call and we can schedule a free quick dental exam to ensure your pet’s behavior and teeth condition are appropriate for the non-anesthetic cleaning.

Hospital Staff News:

We have added our daughter, Carly, as the new receptionist! She relocated from Kentucky to come to work for us. She worked for a veterinary clinic in Kentucky so that has given her a good foundation as well as growing up in the clinic but she will be learning our way of doing things. She is excited to be here and we are happy to have her with us.

Additionally, we just purchased a new x-ray system. This is really big for us! We were able to purchase a high-definition x-ray which means less radiation and better quality x-rays. Dr. Sinko is quite happy with his new toy. Please feel free to come in and see our new system. We also upgraded our CBC machine!

Kind Regards,

Dr. Sinko, Johnna Sinko, Melissa, Jessica, Ellie, and Carly

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