Treatment for Parvovirus

Dr. Sinko is known as the “Parvo Doc” by many rescue organizations in the Jupiter area. Rescues often experience a high volume of parvo when dealing with puppies that have unknown vaccine histories. In working with them, we have gained a lot of experience in working with such a high volume of parvo cases.

Treating parvo is not “one size fits all”. Every parvo case treatment will differ slightly and the tests we do will differ depending on the pet, their symptoms, size and severity of disease. In many cases, we have discovered that the pets are not only are fighting parvo but will also be fighting another opportunistic disease. In a case like this, if you don’t know it and don’t test for it – then you aren’t treating it. This is like leaving a piece of the puzzle out and can be very dangerous.

Parvo lasts a full 7 days, and most pets recover at the 7 day mark. At North County Animal Hospital, we have about a 90% success rate with treatment.

Your pet’s survival and successful recovery depends on you bringing them in at the first sign and not letting their symptoms progress too far.

Parvo is a horrible experience to watch dogs go through, and our team is aware that this may be a difficult time for you and your pet. We are here to support you through the process. With our expert care, and your love through the entire treatment, your pet will have the best outcome possible.